Weatherproofing gardens means protecting your plants from heavy rains, high winds, and flooding. Windbreaks can be created when there are large conifers in areas of high winds, or even by building sturdy structures for vines to climb up around the garden. Click here to continue reading.

A nice-looking garden is great, but what about when the weather changes and you still want to be able to enjoy it? 

Both landscape architects and gardening professionals will tell you that the awning or pergola is a great way to give your space some all-weather appeal. But how do you know which style is right for you? Here are some super gardens that have been not only planned and planted to absolute perfection but also offer stylish rain cover too.

Learn which of these will suit your style and might fancy erecting in your garden before autumn and winter really hit!

1.       Create a professional set up, with built-in lighting and retractable shades, to ensure that no rain will ever get in.

2.       A simple metal frame with plastic roof sheeting will fit for function for a budget-friendly option.

3.       A wonderfully rustic and simple summerhouse is the perfect vantage point for sheltering from the rain and enjoying your outdoor space.

4.       Simple solutions can be the best. A wooden pergola with a stretched canvas roof would the best location for some evening socializing, even in the rain. Adding a little terrace will look like a European piazza when it’s lit.

5.   Adding fabulous lighting and a comfortable dining set can make the most of built-in overhangs Doing this can have you a fabulous al fresco fun all year.

6.       Not a budget build by any means, but a bright, warm, and dry exterior kitchen is a good option.

7.       A traditional parasol will always be a classic way to add a little weatherproofing to your garden. Add some fairy lights and you’ve got something really special.

8.       Adding lights and a rain-proof kitchen with a pool table is an ultimate stunning garden space for the whole family to enjoy.

9.       Don’t let the simple frame fool you. Create a structure with integral shades that can be pulled down on every side. You could switch on the inside lights to illuminate it.

10.   Don’t waste the summer months by getting some thick climbers growing up a pergola to create a more organic all-weather shelter. You can pop some candles along the wall too.

11.   A contemporary covered garden area would be nice too. Adding integral lighting will be great as well.

12.   A simple permanent terrace will make your garden enjoyable whatever the weather.

13.   Retractable shades are the perfect autumn addition to your garden. The frame would accommodate lights with ease.