Deciding whether square foot gardening is for you is crucial. Before you start planning for your square foot garden, you need to learn the basics and a reference guide to see more on how many vegetables you can plant per square foot.

Square foot gardening is a gardening method that is typically paired with raised beds for growing herbs and vegetables. It’s a way to grow a small, organized, and highly productive garden that focuses on square feet.

Instead of using rows and leaving walking paths in between, square foot gardening is more of a square-foot grid. A square foot garden pairs perfectly with a raised bed. It is an intensive grid gardening method and is great for small spaces like backyards where you don’t have enough space. Square foot gardens can easily be found in suburban neighborhoods and urban homesteads.

Benefits of a Square Foot Garden

There are many benefits to having a square foot garden. The best is to grow your own food. Anything local and organic is going to be fresh and nutrient-dense. You can achieve that through other gardening methods as well. But square foot gardening may be the best way for you to achieve that if you have a small space. Square foot gardening can be minimalistic but helps increase your yield for small gardens, and it’s easy to maintain and protect.

High Yields

Square foot gardening is best when paired with raised beds to produce high yields. Because the soil’s quality is generally better when you start with raised beds, including proper drainage, nutrients, and aeration, you can have more abundant harvests. The soil quality that you can achieve in raised beds, paired with the quantity planted with square foot gardening, will ultimately produce a high yield for you to come harvest time. You can grow a large amount of food in a small space, such as a 4×4 footbed or 4×8 footbed.


Minimalism has been all the rage lately for all areas of life. When it comes to gardening, raised beds and square foot gardening can lean more towards being minimalistic. If you have a small space, square foot gardening may maximize your yield for a small backyard while minimizing excessive growth. You can make your beds simplistic and not put too much energy into the setup and maintenance as you would, say, an English garden.

Easy to Maintain and Protect

Aside from high yields and minimalistic requirements, there are some other benefits to square foot gardening. Because square foot gardening means all your plants are close together and in a small area, it makes it easier to take care of and protect.

If there’s going to be a frost, it’s easy to cover your gardens with a frost blanket quickly. If it’s too hot, you can easily drape shade cloth over them. Barriers and protection from insects and rodents can also be easier than if everything was scattered around your yard. Weeding can also be more comfortable because you don’t have as large an area to maintain.