Plant care takes time and patience. From planting to growing and dealing with other issues, our lawn care maintenance experts are here to help you learn growing vegetables at its best.

Many people are looking to experiment with edible crops. It is becoming clear that green finger fever is not only confined to the countryside.

With many people growing food in the most unbelievable spaces: windowsills, balconies, rooftops, and whatever is still available to them.

Growing food in pots is the easiest way to do this. Container growing is the perfect way for people to do edible gardening with limited space.

So what vegetables are good for container growers, and which will yield the best when grown in a small space?

  1. Spinach

Minimum pot depth: 6”

Spinach, just like leaf lettuce almost seems made for life in a pot. This develops in partial shade, in any kind of space such as a windowsill. Spinach has very shallow roots so there is no need to use a very deep pot.

  1. Onions

Minimum pot depth: 4”

Onions, particularly green onions, grow well in containers. Since most meals need onions, having a few nearby should not be missed. Onions provide a flavorful addition to your potted plant collection.

  1. Lettuce

Minimum pot depth: 6”

Lettuce is ideal for growing in small shady spaces – thanks to its shallow root system and easy-going nature.

  1. Kale

Minimum pot depth: 8”

Kale is another space-saving vegetable perfect for pot life. Pick them young for a fresh option to add to salads, add to your smoothies, or sautee mature leaves.

Just three or four plants can supply a family of four with a nice weekly harvest. The main thing to remember is that you should have a 12-inch-diameter pot, and it’s best to use a well-draining potting mix.

  1. Beans

Minimum pot depth: 12”

Green beans have attractive foliage and flowers, which are a great addition to any balcony or courtyard. There are two ways to approach growing beans in pots. First is to choose a busy variety of bean or choose to grow a climbing variety and run pole beans up a trellis.

  1. Chili peppers

Minimum pot depth: 12”

Chili peppers are pretty and productive, which are perfect for spicing up small spaces. However, they need a sunny place to grow and thrive.

  1. Tomatoes

Minimum pot depth: 12”

Undoubtedly, tomatoes are one of the most cheerful potted vegetables. Both beautiful and delicious, tomatoes are one of the best-loved vegetables and ideal potted plants to grow at home.

Moreover, tomatoes are also extremely productive in pots. They can provide around 10 pounds to harvest per plant in a season.

Tomatoes also need lots of sunlight, so putting in a sunny windowsill or a roof terrace is perfect for them. Don’t forget regular watering too.

  1. Radishes

Even in the smallest containers, radishes will happily grow. Scatter some seeds in the pot and give them a healthy, regular watering, and they will grow into a radish-ing potted plant.

  1. Sweet Peppers

Minimum pot depth: 12”

Incredibly versatile, sweet peppers are great to add to your home-grown harvests to salads and stir-fries, stuffing them, and slicing them to serve bowls of hummus and onion dip.